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About our company

“Do you need to move large volumes of air, Quietly?”

Quietaire Corporation
Quietaire* is a privately held, family owned, fan manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas. The family is made up of fan-makers and engineers. Quietaire** engineers, manufactures and assembles industrial fans and
commercial ventilation equipment across industries – since 1937.


Quietaire offers a variety of ventilation equipment for different man or machine cooling applications, such as:

Wall FansFloor FansRoof VentilatorsTube Type Make-Up Air Systems Centrifugal FansBlowersTube Axial Duct Fans – and Fresh Air Units – for:




Quietaire uses a wide variety of materials: Quietaire uses thick gauge stainless steel – aluminum – galvanized steel and carbon steel plus a variety of finishes like heat resistant and chemical finishes to go on fan blade diameters that range from 10” – 96”.

Quietaire is flexible – if your needs are not found in our current catalog – simply call us or fax over your specific requirements – in most cases we can meet and / or exceed your specifications. For over 70 years – Quietaire has delivered quality engineered products with quick shipments and superior service.

At Quietaire, we are driven to provide you value.

Quietaire’s Mission Statement – Our Father and Son team of engineers are focused on providing you the best engineered, most energy efficient, longest lasting products available in America today. Quietaire’s products are well thought out and manufactured with energy efficient motors insuring you minimal daily operational cost and assembled with the best quality parts and thicker gauge materials to ensure you a longer life with years of reliable and dependable service.

“Product Quality is the primary motivation for product change at Quietaire.
We change our products to make a better product, not to make it cheaper.”

To ensure you get the best fans and ventilation equipment – Quietaire is a member of:

  • National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).
  • National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA).
  • * Member of Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) for over 30 years.
  • ** AMCA Accredited Laboratory.

“Do you need to move cooler air . . . for your workers?”

Quietaire Cooling makes QuietCool Portable Evaporative Coolers – Quietaire Cooling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quietaire Corporation which manufacturers QuietCool portable evaporative coolers – since 1979.

QuietCool is like a large floor fan but cooler – It can cool up to 26°F, or more, in areas where AC is simply out of the question – open areas like shipping bay doors, woodworking shops, automotive shops, cleaners, laundries and warehouses.

QuietCool is Built to Last – We use thicker gauge polyethylene to prevent warping and sagging which can cause eventual cracking and leaking. We use thick gauge aluminum angle bar and galvanized steel angle bar to form a stronger structural endoskeleton – which gives QuietCool more strength – to ensure you a longer operational life.

QuietCool is Energy Efficient – is engineered and manufactured to be the most energy efficient evaporative cooler available today. QuietCool uses the most energy efficient water pumps and fan motors to keep your daily operational cost at a minimum. QuietCool is so energy efficient that it costs about the same to operate as a large floor fan – about a dollar per day.

Only QuietCool is Tested 3 ways. QuietCool is tested for maximum air flow at operating static pressure – tested in operating conditions with water and electricity before it’s shipped – guaranteed to work when you get it.

At QuietCool we Know What is Important! – QuietCool is for your workers – cool them down so they can get their work done. We keep a full line of QuietCool’s in inventory – ready to ship. Which means to you – you get a reliable and predictable supply – delivered to you in the right condition – every time.

Direct from the Manufacturer

 Engineered. Efficient. Cooler.

Contact : Call, Fax, e-Mail or write us:

Quietaire Corporation
505 North Hutcheson
Houston, Texas 77003
Telephone: 713.228.9421
Fax: 713.228.9425
e-Mail: info@Quietaire.com

Visit us on the Web: www.Quietaire.com